FIM-Rallye besuchen?

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FIM-Rallye besuchen?

Beitragvon XF-Schwede » 21. Apr 2017, 07:04

Hello Freewinders!

Sorry for my lack of decent german writing...

Is anyone here a participant in the annual FIM Rally? Last year was it held in Liptov, Slovakia and 2015 in Vorden, Holland. Sie können es nennen jährliches Weltmeisterschaft im Motorrad Touren.

This summer it will be hosted in Sundsvall, Sweden! Only 200 km from my home and I will go there.

Will I meet any fellow XF´ers there?

Best regards

David, Sweden

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Re: FIM-Rallye besuchen?

Beitragvon wbdz14 » 21. Apr 2017, 14:14

it´s about 1900 km from my home, sorry.
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Re: FIM-Rallye besuchen?

Beitragvon takoda » 21. Apr 2017, 18:00

Sounds like a funny and interesting event, but at that time I'll be somewhere in the Balkans (without my motorbike though)...
...still out here in the wind and rain ~ I look a little older but I feel no pain...

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Re: FIM-Rallye besuchen?

Beitragvon Larry » 23. Apr 2017, 00:05

During this Time I'm on the circuit in Chambley.
Thats only 300 km.

Have good time

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